Hof Zuort
CH - 7556
Ramosch GR
Tel/Fax: 081 866 31 53
Text: P. R. Berry
Bilder: M. Galli
P. R. Berry
D. Jenny
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One hundred years ago, Willem Mengelberg, the acclaimed Dutch conductor passes Zuort during an excursion.

He has just spend a Tirol vacation with his friend Gustav Mahler.

Zuort appears to match his own dream of an alpine summer house.

The Chalet in 1913 and the Chapel in 1920, are being built by local and Swiss craftsmen. A typical Dutch carillon featuring 15 bells is installed in the Chapel after Mengelberg has bought the whole estate including the farmhouse, its lodge and 16 hectares of land.

Many a Zuort summer and winter will see a cheerful Mengelberg and his family and friends, including Richard Strauss and H.R.H. the Prince of Netherlands enjoying themselves to their best. 

After his death 1951, Zuort is looked after by the Mengelberg Foundation. The latter, unable to guarantee continuity after 2009, passes the property in to the hands of the St. Moritz doctor Peter Robert Berry IV, nature lover and supporter of culture. He now endorses the vital roles of temporary bridge and flywheel.

Zuort bears three foundations:
        idealism: Mengelberg Foundation    
Berry Foundation
        collective responsibility: Friends of Zuort Club
        self sufficiency: Swiss Historic Hotel