Hof Zuort
CH - 7556
Ramosch GR
Tel/Fax: 081 866 31 53

Text: P. R. Berry
Bilder: M. Galli
P. R. Berry
D. Jenny
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* S P E C I A L * L U N C H *


Local cook Iris Riatsch prepares "Cullas da Vnŕ" at Hof Zuort

May 28, 2017 / 12:00pm


Please make your reservation by calling: 081 866 31 53




Tyrolian charms are at their best, when joint to Engadine tradition.

In this context architecture and cuisine are authentic.

Zuort staff is never in nor never out of the way and alert to your wishes.

Zuort is open every day of the year!

Hot meals are served continually.

A Kaiserschmarren at 3 a.m. possibly will cost double (night surcharge after 10 p.m.)

Tipical plates are:

Kaiserschmarren, Knödel, local cold cuts and various cheese specialities.
Local pasta, Engadine nut-honey cake and Apfelstrudel with hot vanilla sauce.