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Ramosch GR
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Text: P. R. Berry
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P. R. Berry
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Hof Zuort now offers a time-out from the digital world as well. The guest, which chooses this offer, commits himself, to deposit his smartphone, tablet and any other digital device upon his arrival. These will be handed back to him on the day of his departure. "Tranquility, stillness" are rules of the house since one hundred years and are of greater meaning again in today's fast-paced world.


The guests are invited to do nothing, breathe calmly and focus on their breathing, to listen and keep silent and to note down their thoughts. This works especially well in open nature, but also in the hotel room. Zuort, as a place of tranquility and stillness amidst a unique landscape, allows us to experience our wellbeing and take some real time out.


Please let us know when making your reservation, if you would like to take advantage of the Digital Detox offer. Thank you.


Here you can download the Digital Detox PDF:










The name Zuort possibly derives from the word sourd (Romantsch), sordus (Latin) standing for deaf.

Deafness, when visiting Zuort, might be evoked by the gentle murmur of the two meeting streams.
The only perceptible sound.

The almost millenarian toponym stands for a gentle clearing in the pine forest, at the top of Val Sinestra in the lower Engadine.

Zuort settles in the centre of an Alpine Triangle comprising Austria, Switzerland and Italy.

Zuort existed two centuries before the oldest of these three nations, Austria, then Dutchy of Austria, had been founded.

Zuort and the nearby Fimberpass hold archeological evidence of alpine rural life of the Neolithicum. Last hunter gatherers and first herders stalked the sunny meadows and took shelter in rock cavities at 8000 feet a.M.S.C., as early as 5000 years B.C.

Those were the times of the famous glacier mummy Oetzi, exhumed not so far from Zuort from his icy coffin, in the Similaun glacier, not too long ago.